July 22, 2008


today, my dear friends, is  my birthday. :D

i'm not the type of person that wakes up happy and raring to go every morning, but for some reason i wake up on my birthdays feeling like a million bucks.

and i think all these years (24 of them...shhhh...dont tell anyone...) God has been trying to tell me something.

this morning i have no problem rolling my burdens from my back to His- no problem at all trusting that this day will be a good one- no problem at all feeling free

i just want to celebrate life and breath and being God's.  simple.
but that's the key word there- celebrate.  to SHOW enjoyment and cause others to feel the same enjoyment around you

and it hit me as i was walking to linneas just now that if his mercy's are new each morning and so are we as new creations...

then why cant i wake up more often content in His love and walking in His graces which are so near i can almost touch them, right this second.

our birthday is everyday to God, because He is making sure of it.  a day of birth: of newness.  innocence.  joy.  dependence on Him.  and us being stoked and at rest because of Him.

the cool part about a real birthday though, is that the people around you do funny things like buy your breakfast and call you just because....

its gonna be a good day :)


Robin said...

happy happy birthday dear girl.

your thoughts and attitude are beautiful.

how did i not get that your birthday is the day before grom's?

hope you day is beautiful and precious and wonderful - like you.

Jonathan Dow said...

That's cool. You're birthday is on the 22nd, Duke is on the 23rd, and mine is on the 24th... Do we know anyone on the 25th? The only one I know of is this girl that I had a crush on in Middle School, but she disappeared after Freshman year so I don't think we can count her. If we can go backwards, I think I know someone who has a birthday on the 17th.

Cassie said...

man, i was totally contemplating singing you an obnxious birthday song on the message....i wish i would have....oh well, next year!