July 30, 2008


well, my darlings,

i have found someone to rent my room with 2 days to spare :)

my jesus is so good to me....

in other news, we have successfully moved all my stuff up to chico this past weekend.  it took two pickup trucks (plus the load i took up before for orientation) and 2 of my good friends who were determined to be my road buddies, and one sweet family who financed the entire thing by God's good grace...sheesh.  there's nothing any one can say at this point to convince me that God isnt in this thing.

we got lost in sacramento because they had a detour on the 5 that was LAME and it wasnt my fault (insert pouting lip here).

and when we pulled over at a gas station to ask directions, i threw a total conniption fit (or "hissy fit" as my southern relatives would say) because it was 90 degrees and we had been driving for 6 hours and i thought we'd never get back to the 5...that we would have to unload all my stuff and make a home on the sidewalk for me because we were never going to get there....

the best part is my friend mo laughed in my face.  

it takes a true friend to laugh in your face when you're in hysterics.  those are my favorite friends...the ones who dont take you as seriously as you take yourself.  

God totally does this for us too (just one more reason i adore Him).  not the laugh in your face part, but he sits there while we are all frantic and says, "now, when you can think straight enough to realize that what you are saying and feeling is absurd, i'll still be here and i wont listen to how you doubt me and accuse me and press your pride up against my glory...LA LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU!!  LA LA LA...."

"O...you're done then?  good.  i missed you.
now lets get back in the truck and i'll make just as if this never happened."

yes Lord
i missed you too.


Robin said...

God is sooo good.

He loves you very much.

Jonathan Dow said...

That's a great story. Especially the interaction with God. I don't know why it's so humbling just to let Him bless us. You would think it would be easy to just receive the goodness He has for us. What's wrong with me? Umm... I mean us and in a general population... not just me... well... maybe me too... ahem... anyway, congratulations on being blessed by Jesus. When are you going to let me know where you are in Chico so I can throw things at you... I mean say hi. Did I write that? Where's my delete button?

Cassie said...

that's so awesome.....haha....although i'm pretty happy nobody laughed in my face this week....i probably would've smacked em! but He brought me back too...so, it's all good!