July 15, 2008

why will the last be first?

i cant say i have an answer to this question, but i was laying in bed thinking about it...after desperately scrawling it out on the white board downstairs...after realizing how little i have kept that concept in mind lately.  

the concept, "what are you fighting for?  you've won.  in Him you have won.  you have nothing of your own to defend."

why will the last be first?

to prove His victory.
to prove in the greatest irony of all time that this war for existence is won by those who have nothing else to fight for.
to prove the meek right as they talk in their God given sleep...that one day they will inherit the earth
to prove that "in returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength' -isaiah 30

it has to be like that.
the last MUST be first.
all the ones insisting they are first know it.  they know how shoddy their footing is.  

and we can see it in each others eyes
as He bends to wash our feet

our feet

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Erika Marie said...

i used to write very VERY interesting things on that white board...