July 20, 2008

honey maid...what do maids have to do with crackers?


so i totally had graham crackers for dinner tonite.  the question is: cas, what is a hippy like you doing in possession of a box of trash-ball graham crackers.  white flour...."graham flour," whatever that is, is an abomination.

the answer?

to eat them for dinner, of course.  

i am working an overnite shift and the broccoli i brought from my garden to eat for dinner is so bug infested that no amount of water or cooking would make me able to eat it (long live organic gardening).

if you were me, you would be thankful for a trashy box of graham crackers too.



Jonathan Dow said...

I don't understand what's wrong with Graham Crackers... except that you didn't eat them with Hershey's Chocolate and roasted marshmallows. I'm glad you commented on my blog. I didn't know you had one too. As dinners go, that doesn't seem very filling... unless you ate the whole box, but that's just gross.

chassafrass said...

your hair is adorable in that picture....it always is....but it is rare when a picture...especially from a camera captures the amazingness...you look like you should pretty much be in a movie with clark gable as his feisty girl with raucous curly locks