October 9, 2008

my God isnt in there

this is my project for color theory class this week.

yep, its a box.

the point of the picture is that i painted it w/o the use of black out of the tube.

the picture is lame b/c all i have is photo booth on my computer, so thats where that blue spot comes from at the top.  it looks better in real life, but whatever.

i like this painting b/c i think it has potential...like i could write something on it to make it really funny, b/c after all, this is a painting of a cardboard box.


chassafrass said...

holy cow....that's really cool!!!!!

Erika Marie said...

you could name it "some things are better left to be thought of INSIDE the box" =)

i like it. but again, i probably like everything you do (including that awesome painting inside robins bathroom that i saw for the first time a few days ago!)

Jonathan Dow said...

That's a painting of a box? I thought you made a physical box and took a picture. That's really cool. I think you should name it, " My God isn't in there"