October 3, 2008

hello, my name is cheddar

one of my roomates is, like, half dating this guy named colby (apparently its really popular in chico to half date someone...weird.)

i care very little for my roomates' love lives, except for this gentleman's name.

when i met him, i wondered, "why would you name your kid after a cheese..."

but then i thought of the cheese "gruyere..."

they may be on to something.

it would take a lot of guts to name your kid, "gruyere."  it would only be awkward if he went to switzerland, it would be like being named, "mozzarella" here or something...hopefully by the time i have kids i'll have the kinks worked out :)  

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Jonathan Dow said...

What is half dating? This is George. I'm only dating his top half because, although he is a nice guy, his feet stink. I'm not saying you're roommates are that shallow, just wondering what half-dating means. Maybe they only date 3.5 times a week and date someone else for the other 3.5, or just 3 and they have a sabbath. No Mark, don't be jealous. You're my Monday Wednesday Friday Boyfriend. This is Steve, He's my Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. I've never heard of Colby Cheese. Is it any good?