October 18, 2008

morning projects

had a nice morning doing these, sitting on the floor with the door open.

click on them to make them bigger i think.
sorry, the quality is kinda crappy.

the one at the top, the little boy has a hymn page for a face...it looks weird in the picture, thought i'd explain :)


chassafrass said...

i heart them!!!

Jonathan Dow said...

Wow... I can't believe someone could make those. It's like something that you find buried in nature after years of digging. And you probably just did them all in an hour. My favorite with the mom with the kid on her back. She, with her long neck, defined jawbone, and slender arm is so elegant, but her tousled hair and the child resting his face against her shoulder brings the warmth that elegance often leaves behind. I liked the bird ones too, especially how the second bird is made from the first. But don't tell them I like the other one better. (Can you bring your art to the party? We'll display it and have an art show too)