August 21, 2008

back to basics

i totally have little drummer boy stuck in my head right now.

according to my itunes i have 1387 songs on my computer.
this translates to 3.8 days of music.

and the best thing my head could come up with is little drummer boy-
(the version with sleigh bells in it keeping time)

and i dont even own that song.

and i dont even know the words.

"listen to what i say...da da da da da...
ringing in the sky little lamb
listen to what i say...hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm



Robin said...

i'm coming after you if it gets stuck in my head

Erika Marie said...

cooooome they told me (bah-rum-pa-pum-pum)!!!!!!!

I have this awesome version that is these two old guys singing it...they are'd totally dig it.

i love Christmas music.