August 12, 2008

in the rest of the room

the dining room of this house that i am staying at is literally a "dining room": an empty room, save for a table and chairs and some candlesticks.  it is about the size of a large bathroom and since there is no carpet in it, the acoustics in it are lovely.  

the thing about playing music in an echoey room is that it makes you sound good because you can hear so well, and thus helps you enjoy your music a little more- it completely fills the room because the sound bounces off every surface

i've been playing my guitar in there the last few nights, and tonite a wonderful thought filled my mind.

i imagined myself sitting in a room like that, except (forgive me for the cliche) it was in God's heart- and He could hear the music and the singing because it was the only thing there...table...chair...candlesticks maybe, and singing.  

i thought of that verse in revelation when He silenced heaven to listen
because that was the only thing He wanted in His heart
the only thing He HAD in His heart
He wanted the sound to meet every surface
and ring in His ears.

i think thats really how things are with Him.  i think when we get to heaven we will kick ourselves for not realizing just how empty, save for our voices,
that room really is.

we will kick ourselves for not singing louder
for not enjoying it
for not believing what He was listening to us say.


Robin said...

i wish i was there

it was always wonderful worshiping God with you

have a joyful day

chassafrass said...

oh i have to get out my guitar....even if it is in a much more cluttered room

Anonymous said...

Cliches that involve God are ALWAYS acceptable. Unless, I suppose, they're blasphemous.