August 25, 2008

can you hear the singing

i was watching a movie on my computer tonite and accidentally sent my cursor over to the far bottom left corner of the screen, which makes the widgets pop up. :)

no, widgets were not the inspiration for a dark comedy horror movie made the year i was born-
you're thinking of "gremlins"
(the car version of a gremlin is pictured at right)

or that perhaps a widgets is an insect or pest.
no, see those are weevils (also known as "snout beetles").  

if you dont know what a widget is, ask your neighbor.

suffice it to say that one of my widgets looks like a sticky note and i can type little reminders on it.

my widget says "the meek shall inherit the earth."

the meek are the ones you want to be in God's economy.
they are the ones the world often label as pathetic, because there is something not so self asserting about them.
they are the ones who see God as He is- strong.
strong on their behalf, to be more precise.

and tonite as you go to sleep, dear ones, i hope you can hear them...
because if they are to inherit the earth, there's nothing else to do but rest

you'll know them by how they sing in their sleep

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