August 23, 2008

chico: land of extremes

made it into chico today.

its about 8 million degrees here right now, at about 6 at night.

i pulled all the stuff out of the back of the truck, threw it in my room and took off for down town because i have decided to take up hunting:

A/C hunting.

i am in peets right now and its like 60 degrees, so go figure...i have a large scarf around my shoulders.
its so funny how peets always plays this stuffy music.  "its always tea time in peets," as my friend mo once said.

before i got to my house when i got into town though, i swung by the trader joe's here.  apparently they are hiring a sign artist which i used to do for the store in A.G. a few years ago.  last time i worked for traders i was making like 11 dollars an hour to sit and doodle all day.  the guy seemed really stoked knowing that i had already worked for traders and he gave me an application and told me to come back tomorrow.  it would be really crazy if i got this job...almost eerie...who gets a job at trader joes drawing signs for them the week they arrive in town...

ones drowning
in His good graces,
thats who. :)


Jonathan Dow said...

I didn't see you at church. There's a time of Worship tonight at church at 7ish... chico time is just as bad as shoreline time... give me a call, (530) 521-8799. We can grab In-N-Out along the way... well... you might not like In-N-Out, but call me anyway.

chassafrass said...

that is insanely groovy!

chassafrass said...

hey,, a drunk at a wedding amanda and jeb were djing said chico was the place to be....but, you really only know how cool it is after 4 days. i just wanted to let you know....the best is yet to come my friend! hmwahaha