August 11, 2008

"if i was a meter maid" and "armenian cucumbers" in B flat

this picture is of an armenian cucumber i picked today.  the only problem with these things is how to fit them in the fridge

and here is i poem i wrote this morning after a conversation i had with my friend jen about meter maids (she knows a male meter maid...which makes me laugh out loud.)  in case you're wondering about the spare time i have on my hands, here's an idea of it (sheesh...)

if i was a meter maid
and too long in your spot you stayed
out would come my ticket pad
to help remind not to be bad

and as you came a screaming out
from the place you were about
i would smile a funny grin
and dance around your long-stayed sin

and wear a clown wig as my hair
and a red round nose, but not a pair
of huge red rubber clowning shoes
that would slow me down as i ran from you

and i would drive a little car
that i peddled near and far
with flashing lights and stripe-ed doors
to make me look of vast import

and maybe you would get to laughing
at my humorous attractings
and tire as you chased my car
and paid your ticket after all.


Robin said...

that cucumber and you amaze me.

email me your address would you.

do they taste like a regular cucumber?

chassafrass said...

hahahahaha....i love it

Jonathan Dow said...

Did you invent those? I never heard of Armenian Cucumbers before. It looks like you froze one of Landon's Snakes and painted it green.

Janelle said...

Actually Armenian Cucumbers are delicious! My mom has FIVE plants flourishing right now. It's the only thing we're eating--cucumbers in salad, cucumbers in John's lunch with ranch dressing, cucumbers with rice milk for breakfast! ...oh wait...

Cas, someday you will be famous. I just thought I'd be the one to tell you.