August 28, 2008

no one told me chico was 3 miles from the sun.

so it was 108 here yesterday...

i washed my clothes and hung them out to dry outside.  at night.  and i woke up and they were dried.  they dried during the night.  do you have any idea how gnarly that is?

just thought i'd let you know that in case you were tempted to complain about the weather wherever you are

i have decided to never disdain the cold again.  ever.

in fact, my daydreams these days place me somewhere on the same latitude as humboldt or england....preferably the latter.

when one steps into the sun here, it feels like he takes his mighty fist of fitful rays and just bashes at your face until you step into the shade where he cant see you

i peer around the corners suspiciously like a miscreant child avoiding the police

it gives new meaning to those verses that talk about how God shaded the children of israel in the desert with a cloud


Robin said...

they say you'll acclimate

i pray you don't

Janelle said...

Really??? You are LUCKY! I wish it was sunny in Morro Bay!

Jonathan Dow said...

Welcome to Chico. I like the heat, but actually... I'm down in Pleasanton with my folks. Tell the sun that he missed.

chassafrass said...

i distinctly remember lemoore in the summer time with no a/c.....oven is my only's even warm here, crazylicious